#QVCAlwaysWithYou - COVID-19

Is QVC still open?

Can I still speak to someone to place my order? 

Why am I directed to the US when I call the Order Line?

Are Customer Care still available if I have an issue? 

What precautions are your Couriers taking with deliveries?

Are there any delays with Collections/Deliveries?

Are returns running on time?


Can we still find out what the presenter is wearing if a show is pre-recorded? 

Is it going to take longer for me to get a response to my Customer Care query?


What should I do if I am experiencing financial difficulty and can’t pay a due Easy Payment?

 I have an account but have never ordered online, how do I log in to place an order? 

QVC Style:

To ensure we continue to take good care of our team members both behind and in front of the camera, we have made the decision to reduce our live airings. Our Style channel shows will now be pre-recorded. This allows us to reduce the number of people involved – Guest Presenters, Models, Presenters and Broadcasting Crew and will ensure we continue to operate live on our main QVC Channel for as long as possible, focusing on bringing you the best shopping experience, straight to your living room. 

Are you cancelling the live shows on the main channel? 

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