We have identified inconsistencies in our process where some of our customers didn’t receive a refund for their delivery postage and packaging charges for product returns within 14 days of receipt, dating back to 2014. This is not in line with our policy. We are genuinely sorry for this mistake and we are currently in the process of identifying all affected customers, who will be issued a refund for any delivery postage and packaging costs owed. If you have been affected, there is nothing you need to do. We will contact you with further information and a full refund by the end of October. Since identifying the issue, we have taken measures to ensure these errors do not happen again and are committed to doing all that we can to learn from this. Our top priority is to build and maintain a trusting relationship with all of our customers.

  • Is my order affected?

 We are currently identifying all affected customers and if you are affected you will be contacted by the end of October 2019.


  • Will I get a refund for every item I have returned?

No, you will only get a refund of delivery postage and packaging charges for products where this was not originally done correctly in accordance with our policy.

  • What is your policy?

You can find our returns policy at qvcuk.com/terms


  • How will I receive my refund if I am affected by this issue?

You will receive a refund via cheque payment no later than 31st October 2019.


  • Can you tell me how much I’m due to be refunded?

Not yet.  We are currently identifying all affected customers and will then calculate the refund due. If you have been affected you will receive your refund cheque no later than 31st October 2019.


  • Why will my refund take so long?

We want to ensure that all affected customers are identified and refunded correctly, reviewing all of the information will take some time.


  • How will you keep me updated throughout the process?

All affected customers will be contacted by the end of October 2019.


  • My account is closed. Will I still receive my refund?

Yes.  All accounts (including closed accounts) that are owed a delivery P&P refund will receive this by 31st October 2019.


  • What if my address has changed recently?

Please log into my account and click on ‘billing address’, you can edit your address details here.


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